Below is a slight alteration of our closing prayer during our last service of the year at Sent Church. I taught from 2 Corinthians 2:12-17 on how we out to approach each new year and what we should be encouraged by as we anticipate the coming of our Lord. Though Paul was faced with anxiety and worry and possibly discouragement at the delay in hearing from news about the church at Corinth, he was able to find encouragement in some key truths.

  1. We are led triumphantly by Christ by virtue of being in Christ. Paul knew he was on the winning team because Christ had already conquered all his enemies.
  2. We give off the fragrance of Christ. To some that aroma is life and to others death. We don’t control the outcome of someone’s decision but we should live so that everyone that comes in our path is forced to a decision.
  3. We are commissioned by God. Because we are sent by God, we should live honestly, authentically and courageously before God and others.


The perfect New Year is coming — but it is not here yet. The promised “soon” of Revelation 22:20 is getting sooner! Be encouraged — 2013 means We are One Year closer to home.

Prayer for the New Year

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God we are grateful for this year that is coming to a close. No matter what the circumstances were this year, good or bad, delightful or disappointing, in much or in lack, fruitful or not, we can like Paul say, “But thanks be to God!”

As we look ahead, we are encouraged by the spiritual reality that we are led by Christ in triumphal procession, in an endless victory parade. Christ has conquered! Christ is Victorious! And we are on the winning team!

Let the aroma of Christ in our lives, impact and touch all of those around us. To some it will be life, to others death. May our prayer be like that of Jim Elliot; that everyone that comes in to contact with us is brought to a decision — “Make us a fork in the road, that men must turn one way or another on facing Christ in us.”

Let us live as commissioned men and women of God, a sent people. That we would live courageously, authentically and honestly before you and all men.

We eagerly anticipate, hope for and await, the everlasting “New Year”. When the perfect comes and You will make all things “new”. Until then, we are grateful to be “One year closer to home.” – Amen.