Charges brought forth against the reformers were that they were introducing something new. Calvin goes on the offense against the claims that he was teaching something new and exotic, a novelty. He fires a stinging rebuke at his accusers, “I do not doubt that it is new to them, since to them both Christ and his gospel are new.” Calvin was sure that what he was teaching was anchored in the ancient faith.

He presents various evidentiary proofs like a skilled lawyer showing that the modern church of his day had strayed from the patristic authority and teaching they claimed to uphold. The early church fathers would be on Calvin’s side and they would rail against all of the additional trappings and excesses of the church that had no Scriptural underpinnings.

In our day we see lot of teaching that is not anchored in the ancient faith and have little grounds in Scripture. Exotic and new revelations are en vogue and readily accepted by the Biblically illiterate masses that show no hesitation in “moving the ancient boundaries.” It is disturbing in our day how easily embraced are challenges to long held orthodox beliefs because they are new ideas or perspectives and people easily jettison the “ancient boundaries” with little deliberation.

Lord put in my a holy fear to walk closely to your Word, to be constrained by your law and to exercise discernment over what is deemed as new.