Not only does the divine spark in man reveal something about the knowledge of God but creation itself shines forth reflecting the brilliance of its Creator so that man is without excuse. “Upon his individual works he has engraved unmistakeable marks of His glory, so clear and so prominent that even unlettered and stupid folk cannot plead the excuse of ignorance.” (pg. 52)

Calvin saw clearly that the skillful ordering of the universe and all of creation, including man, was a sort of mirror in which we can contemplate God. However, even with this great witness about God displayed in all of creation, it is astonishing that man can deny that there is a God. There are unfailing signs of divinity in man. There are signs of immortality which have been implanted in man that cannot be erased. If man possesses that, how can he not recognize the Divine? “Shall we think of ourselves the inventors of so many arts and useful things that God may be defrauded of his praise even though experience sufficiently teaches that what we have has been unequally distributed among us from another source?” (pg. 57) We cannot confuse the creature with the Creator.

Lord let my life so radiate forth Your glory, so that all can see this creation, and be drawn to love and worship the Creator. Make me a spectacle of your glory.