“True religion ought to be conformed to God’s will as to a universal rule; that God ever remains like himself, and is not a spectator or phantasm to be transformed according to anyone’s whim.” (pg. 49) Whether through ignorance or the sinful corruption of the human heart, the innate knowledge of God is smothered. This leads man in a vain attempt at religion which leads to all manner of gross errors.

To truly worship God as he is, Calvin states that those that seek to worship him must begin with him or they end up fashioning “a God to match the absurdity of their trifling.” (pg. 49) Calvin paraphrases Lactantius that “no religion is genuine unless it is joined with truth.” (pg. 50) The element of human invention in worship is one of the things that led to the abuses in the Roman Church that the reformers were seeking to correct.

Lord, let my love and worship of You, flow from the truth about You, that You have revealed about yourself in Your word. May my heart ever renewed by Your Spirit, seek to glorify You as its highest endeavor.