Looking back to how God has revealed himself through his creation, Calvin shows that Scripture is in agreement with the attributes of God that are known in his creation and creatures. The Scriptures frequently reflect God’s attributes as he is toward us. Speaking of Exodus 34:6-7, Calvin writes “Thereupon his powers are mentioned, by which he is shown to us not as he is in himself, but as he is toward us: so that this recognition of him consists more in living experience than in vain and high-flown speculation.” (pg. 97) God is not known in the form of an image; whereby to fashion an image of the Creator from elements in his creation is an abomination (idolatry).

God’s attributes of mercy, kindness, goodness, justice, judgment and truth are the same powers enumerated as those shining forth in heaven and earth. “Indeed the knowledge of God set forth for us in Scripture is destined for the very same goal as the knowledge whose imprint shines in his creatures, in that it invites us first to fear God, then to trust in him. By this we can learn to worship him both with perfect innocence of life and with unfeigned obedience, then to depend wholly upon his goodness. (pg, 98)

Lord, let me look intently upon your Word and your creation, which both reflect and reveal your divine attributes, so that I might learn to fear you, trust you and worship you in purity of life and obedience and whole-hearted dependance upon your goodness.