Though God has given some revelation of himself through his creation, the Scriptures are the truest source of God’s revelation of himself and communicate to us what creation cannot. “Scripture adorns with unmistakable marks and tokens the one true God, in that he has created and governs the universe, in order that he may not be mixed with the throng of false gods.” (pg. 72)

For Calvin, true religion can only flow from a right knowledge and understanding of God that comes from careful study of the Scriptures and no one could “get even the slightest taste of right and sound doctrine unless he be a pupil of Scripture.” (pg. 72) If we don’t begin with the Scriptures and only survey creation to gain knowledge of God, we will certainly go off track into gross error. To understand the splendor that is God is like an inexplicable labyrinth and the thread of the Word conducts us towards that knowledge of God. Without the Word, we go astray. “For errors can never be uprooted from human hearts until true knowledge of God is planted therein.” (pg. 73)

Lord, give me a heart that earnestly desires to be a pupil of your Word; an ardent and careful student of the Scriptures. For only through your Word have you chosen to give the clearest and truest revelation of yourself. Keep my heart from wandering into error by staying tethered to your Divine truth.