“For as rashness and superficiality are joined to ignorance and darkness, scarcely a single person has ever been found who did not fashion for himself an idol or specter in place of God… an immense crowd of gods flow forth from the human mind” (pg. 65). That is what man does with the knowledge of God as manifested through creation. Simple folk and the most learned of men all arrive at the same place — idolatry.

Even though creation reveals the knowledge of God to us, it is incomplete as it shows God to be Creator but not Redeemer. For that we need the pure revelation of God through Scripture. “Scripture gathering up the otherwise confused knowledge of God in our minds, having dispersed our dullness clearly shows us the true God” (pg. 70) While this revelation from Scripture is necessary to show us God in the way he has revealed himself, man is still without excuse because the fault of dullness lies within him.

Lord, let me always run to the source of your own self-revelation, the Scriptures, to gain knowledge of you. Let my thoughts about you be derived from your Word so I don’t fashion a god of my own making.