In our contemplation of God through the lens of creation, one is forced to take note, that frequently the wicked go unpunished and the upright suffer adversity; many times under the oppression of the impious. This does not diminish God’s righteousness as he hates all sin, though some sins seem to go unpunished at the moment. There is a future judgment to which the punishment of some sins are deferred.

God is sovereign over all of his creation. This is especially seen over the life of men. In God’s care, protection, provision, healing; we see heavenly providence and especially fatherly kindness. His power however, is most clearly observed in the overcoming, shattering and breaking down of the impious. God rules over all of the affairs of men. “His wisdom manifests his excellence when he dispenses everything at the best opportunity. In short, there is nothing that he does not temper in the best way,” (pg 61)   The sad reality, Calvin observes, is that “in our stupidity we grow increasingly dull toward so manifest testimonies, and they away without profiting us.” (pg. 63)

Lord help me to recognize and glorify You through the manifold displays of heavenly providence and never grow dull toward all that your creation testifies about Your greatness, power and majesty.