I’m at the Acts 29 Network Boot Camp in Orlando and Eric Mason of Epiphany Fellowship shared during a break out session some of the top lessons he learned early on in church planting.

Top Lessons Learned in Church Planting – Eric Mason

1) Submit yourself to spiritual authority early in the planting process.

2) Track with where your wife is in the church planting process.

3) Have all potential pastors that are planting with you assessed in the areas of character, marriage and theology.

4) Confirm your ministry philosophy with those who are on your team.

5) Don’t feel rushed to appoint leaders.

6) Clearly define all roles on the church planting team.

7) Seek out partnerships that resource and strengthen your church plant.

8) Be willing to lose people. Don’t hold people too closely.

9) Deal with divisiveness quickly.

10) Don’t be afraid to administer church discipline.

11) Intentionally develop a culture of hope.

12) Intentionally develop a culture of grace.

13) Establish in the foundation of the church a spirit of generosity.

14) You aren’t anyones pastor until they know you are leading, caring, knowing and protecting them.

15) Make sure to build some down-time in to your life, especially by the second year.

16) Block off clear family time.